Monday, November 07, 2005

The wind came, the wind went...

The tent stayed...Yay, cement!

That's a book, I think. The Cement Tent. Anyway, we had an unbelievable windstorm here last night. I mean, it was really, really windy. The trees in our yard that were so pretty just a couple of days ago have become barren sticks poking out of trunks. It's kind of sad-looking around here now. And a piece of our roof blew off - it's just hanging there, randomly banging against the siding. We'll have to go out and get a new piece of...whatever that stuff is. And climb a ladder. And nail it in. But now I'm thinking that one person will have trouble both holding and nailing down a 5 or 6 foot piece of metal whilst balancing on an extension ladder. Huh.

The camera is still sans batteries, but it's ok 'cause I haven't done much knitting anyway. It's been a doing laundry, playing with baby, grocery shopping kind of day.

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