Wednesday, November 06, 2013

the yellow sweater

A day off of school for one kid and a sick day for the other left me with an entire day trapped to get stuff done at home (yesterday). Once I got the eleventy-billion loads of laundry started, I hunkered down to finish a languishing project.

I haven't knit sweaters for my kids this year because...*sob*...they just won't wear them. And I can't say I blame either one. The classrooms at my daughter's school are kept at an uncomfortably warm temp once they turn the heat on for the year, and my son, well, he just wants to wear sweatshirts and fleeces to pre-K. Wool is definitely not on their list of comfortable clothing materials.

Last spring, however, my son and I were in Joann's looking for something and he fell in love with some bright yellow plastic buttons. I told him if he wanted to pick out some yarn to match, I would make something for him using those buttons. So he found some Red Heart in a very banana, canary, Big Bird yellow and hugged it like it was his most beloved stuffed animal as we finished our shopping. 

It's acrylic, and I thought "oh gross" but hey, he thought it was sooooooo soft and it is washable, so that's a plus. I mean, nearly all our homemade sweaters were acrylic when we were kids because that's what my mom could buy in the stores. 

I started it in the summer. It was not so much fun. The pattern is fine (Knitting Pure & Simple #981 children's neckdown cardigan again) but the acrylic on size 9 needles was tough on my hands. So I worked on it a bit here and there but not with great gusto.

Then I felt guilty because it's getting chilly and he could actually wear I hate starting new fun projects when old ones are languishing. So I made myself do it and blasted out the sleeves and button bands in the last few days. 

The yarn itself is not terrible. I think if I were crocheting an afghan I would enjoy working with it again. It was just a little stiff and plastic-y trying to knit it into a sweater. But pretty good for the price, that's for sure. We'll see how it washes and wears. 

And gosh, if he isn't the cutest little birdy on the block.