Wednesday, October 08, 2014


This is my shaped triangle shawl that I hundred and ten years ago. NOT REALLY, it was actually November 2011. Which seems like an eternity ago when I think about who and where I was then as compared to now. Crikey, my son had only just turned 3.

Anyway, I have knitted the first 29 repeats of the border, which, for my attention span and interest, is about 28 repeats too many. Now I'm at the center point, which is more of the same but with short rows for lovely shaping. And then! Only 29 more repeats down the other side. omg.

I'm gonna do it. Determined not to let another 3 years go by before finishing this bad boy.

Friday, October 03, 2014

museum day live

Last Saturday was Smithsonian Museum Day Live - if you don't know about it, click the link and see if there is a participating museum near you! My daughter and I went last year and this year to my very favorite place: Genesee Country Village and Museum. It's a living history museum with very little gimmicky stuff...just the buildings and interpreters and so much beauty and learning to take in. 

There was spinning and dyeing going on, using cauldrons over an outdoor fire (I bought some indigo dyed laceweight for a shawl), weaving demonstrations, fresh wheaty hearty pretzels being sold by a sweet lady in period dress (they were hung on a branch!), spinning wheels galore, spice and herb grinding to make sachets, the history of chocolate (complete with a hot chocolate sample, oh so rich and delicious), plowing demonstrations and q & a about oxen, a "pioneer woman" who puts all the little kids to work when they visit her homestead (Daughter was sent to gather firewood), and oh boy, the general store...I could spend all day in there. 

The day was so peaceful and relaxing. I can't wait for the next Museum Day Live! Daughter and I will be there.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

prayer shawls

I made a bunch of shawls for the new prayer shawl ministry at my church. 

Everyone at the last meeting had brought shawls and lap robes in shades of blue and green (and my lone tan basketweave shawl). So next up will be one or two in more "feminine" colors.

Thanks to my lovely daughter for modeling!

Friday, September 19, 2014

pjs for my girl

I thought I would make two nightgowns but ended up with one nightgown and one set of pajamas.

Whatever, I do what I want!*

*Eric Cartman

Thursday, September 18, 2014

where did summer go?

Gahhh, I'm not ready! I love autumn but this summer was so darn nice, never going much above 80 degrees where I live, breezy, pleasant...I want to stay in it a little longer. Most years I am chomping at the bit for cold, rainy days, pumpkin flavors and cinnamon scents by now because I'm wrung out after weeks of sticky hot days. Not this year!

Alas, time marches on. School has started (FOR BOTH KIDS OMG MY LITTLE BOY IS IN KINDERGARTEN!) leaving me alone for 7 hours every day. Oh man. I haven't had this life...well...ever, really. Before kids I worked full time so it's never been a case of having every single day to myself. I'm mostly enjoying it, but along with that comes guilt of course. Like I should have run right out and found work immediately after putting my children on the bus on the first day of school.

But I am working. I mean, I feel like I am! The bathrooms don't clean themselves, and the groceries don't just show up. Food needs to be prepped and cooked. And the laundry...oh my word, the laundry. And ironing. And managing the papers that avalanche through the door once school is in session.

I have other stuff in mind to do this year. I may work again one of these years, possibly something within the school district (or some other district with a similar calendar to ours), so I can be home when my children are. Otherwise I have to pay for child care and then I enter the vicious cycle of needing a job that pays well enough to justify the high cost of care but that still leaves me with enough money to make it worthwhile. As you who work outside the home know, the costs pile up...dry cleaning because there is less time to carefully launder and iron work garments, the cost of buying said work garments, takeout/processed foods because time is short, gas to go to-and-from work and childcare, etc, etc. And the sheer exhaustion of trying to work, care for a family, get kids to extracurricular activities, get days off to care for them when sick, and so on.

I am super, super fortunate that my husband has a good job and that we've been willing and able to make things work for so many years on one income. For now, since we don't desperately need additional money to pay the bills (though extra would be so for clothes somewhere other than clearance racks at Target...dinners out...ahhh), and since any work I would do would be a job strictly to earn income rather than a career to further myself in life, I will continue my housewife/stay-home-mom duties.

This year I have signed up to volunteer in the cafeteria at my kids' school a few days each month. I will also be heading in to help my 4th grader make salt maps with her class, to assist with a Kindergarten event, and to work with my son's class in the computer lab, all in the next two weeks. I have been waiting for 9.5 years to do this stuff! I want to be involved with them even more now, in a different way. I made it through all those rough early years and now I want to do this new stuff! Is that not also work? Is that not also worthy of my time? Is a little extra money more important than these things? I really struggle with this and I know it is SO controversial, but I don't believe my children stopped needing me because they stepped onto the school bus two weeks ago.

I don't feel I am wasting those 7 hours I have each day. I believe the laundry, ironing, dishes, baking, cooking, cleaning, shopping, sewing (most recently: 2 pink nightgowns for my coltish girl who fits into zero commercially-produced clothes), knitting (for family, etsy, and charity [prayer shawl in process above]), and general maintenance of our home ARE WORK. They always were, for heaven's sake, it's only in the last 40 years or so that they were pushed to the back burner in pursuit of money. Sure, I will probably do something to make money in the future, but right now it's not the priority. I feel a weird mixture of guilt and pride in saying that. But it's true.

Anyway, that's that. I'm off to make a cup of tea and work on some sewing for my kids. Cold nights are coming and they need pajamas.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

yarn along

Yarning along. Second pair of my "summer of socks" - these are just 60-stitch socks in Knitpicks Stroll handpainted, Cartoons colorway.

Super busy day, got a bunch of kids over here playing. No time to blog!

Friday, July 04, 2014

Happy 4th!


Happy 4th of July!

First socks of summer are done.