Wednesday, October 08, 2014


This is my shaped triangle shawl that I hundred and ten years ago. NOT REALLY, it was actually November 2011. Which seems like an eternity ago when I think about who and where I was then as compared to now. Crikey, my son had only just turned 3.

Anyway, I have knitted the first 29 repeats of the border, which, for my attention span and interest, is about 28 repeats too many. Now I'm at the center point, which is more of the same but with short rows for lovely shaping. And then! Only 29 more repeats down the other side. omg.

I'm gonna do it. Determined not to let another 3 years go by before finishing this bad boy.

Friday, October 03, 2014

museum day live

Last Saturday was Smithsonian Museum Day Live - if you don't know about it, click the link and see if there is a participating museum near you! My daughter and I went last year and this year to my very favorite place: Genesee Country Village and Museum. It's a living history museum with very little gimmicky stuff...just the buildings and interpreters and so much beauty and learning to take in. 

There was spinning and dyeing going on, using cauldrons over an outdoor fire (I bought some indigo dyed laceweight for a shawl), weaving demonstrations, fresh wheaty hearty pretzels being sold by a sweet lady in period dress (they were hung on a branch!), spinning wheels galore, spice and herb grinding to make sachets, the history of chocolate (complete with a hot chocolate sample, oh so rich and delicious), plowing demonstrations and q & a about oxen, a "pioneer woman" who puts all the little kids to work when they visit her homestead (Daughter was sent to gather firewood), and oh boy, the general store...I could spend all day in there. 

The day was so peaceful and relaxing. I can't wait for the next Museum Day Live! Daughter and I will be there.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

prayer shawls

I made a bunch of shawls for the new prayer shawl ministry at my church. 

Everyone at the last meeting had brought shawls and lap robes in shades of blue and green (and my lone tan basketweave shawl). So next up will be one or two in more "feminine" colors.

Thanks to my lovely daughter for modeling!