Friday, November 25, 2005

Free Pattern

As promised on the Holiday Gifts Knitalong, here is the Thumbless Mitten pattern. I used Daughter as the model for size and she has very long fingers, so you may want to knit fewer rows when knitting the hand portion. Measure your baby's hand from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger and go from there! Also, these were knitted tightly on US 6 needles to create a dense fabric for warmth.

Size: 6-12 months

Yarn: worsted weight wool or wool blend (I used Plymouth Encore)

Needles: US size 6 dpns

Cast on 30 stitches and divide evenly over 3 needles.

Join, being careful not to twist.

Knit 4 rounds in seed stitch.

Knit 12 rounds even (K every round).

Decrease for wrist:
(K1, K2 together) around (20 stitches)

Purl 4 rounds.

Increase for hand:
(K2, inc. 1) around (30 stitches)
Hint - pick up the bar between stitches to increase, and knit through the back loop to prevent a hole.

Knit 24 rounds even (or fewer if your baby has smaller hands).

(K4, K2 together) around (25 stitches)
(K3, K2 together) around (20 stitches)
(K2, K2 together) around (15 stitches)
(K1, K2 together) around (10 stitches)
(K2 together) around (5 stitches)

Cut yarn and draw up through remaining stitches.

Weave in all ends.

Please knit and enjoy this pattern, but please do not use it for profit. Thank you!

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Nickie said...

Hi Kate...thanks for the pattern...perfect for one of my gifts. You do such a great job putting your photos in your blog and also on the Gift Knitting blog. I tried to use the image icon on the posting page of Blogger and it won't display the window, so I can't post photos! Can you tell me what I may be doing wrong? any help would be appreciated...Nickie