Friday, September 06, 2013

a whole new world

I don't really like it when people just put all their pictures in a huge stack like this, with no explanations, but it takes forever to sort them all out with the new(ish) blogger interface and get all the justifications and alignments right so today it's what I'm doing.

We are off to a great start for the new school year...and this year it really is a whole new experience. In fact it is what I've been waiting for since September 2, 2008, when I first learned that my son wasn't going to have a 'typical' childhood. Daughter started third grade (omg) and my baby boy turned 5 and started pre-K. We chose to keep him out of elementary school for one more year and put him in a "kindergarten readiness" preschool program, designed for 5 year olds. There are only 5 other kids in the class and surprisingly 4 of them are girls (4 girls and 1 "kind of naughty boy" according to my son).

As my son has quite literally never been away from me other than to have surgical procedures or to stay overnight at Grandma and Grandpa's house (my parents), this was a huge deal for both of us. He still struggles with a severe speech impairment and pooling of saliva that leads to drooling so I was terrified he would be teased or somehow ostracized because of that. He does take medication to curb production of excess saliva but it is not perfect. Thankfully the teacher is awesome and is totally rolling with it, and we're just dressing him in dark shirts so it doesn't show as much when it happens.

And long story short, he LOVES school. He is so happy when he is there, and comes out dancing and hopping around, asking to go back the next day. He has also started a new speech therapy program at our elementary school, which he will be doing 5 days/week. I'm definitely a taxi driver this year, and hopefully will be getting lots of knitting and reading done with all the waiting time!

Some summer knitting has been completed - socks for Daughter in Patons Kroy, a soaker for the etsy shop in some leftover Wool of the Andes (winter night colorway, size 0-6 months), a chunky little 3-month size cardigan to donate once I put some buttons on it (earns money for a local hospital), and Ene's Scarf, using yarn purchased when my husband and I spent our anniversary weekend in Toronto.

Well, it was definitely a crazy week and things feel a bit hectic for me. I need to get organized and get into a groove so I can feel more productive. I have so many projects I want to do! Fall weather is coming, it's prime-time for knitting, plus there are more quilt patterns I want to try and I keep stumbling across adorable cross-stitch patterns I want to make.....definitely need to research crock-pot recipes first.

I hope everyone is settling into autumn routines and enjoying somewhat cooler temperatures. I'm loving cruising around blogland and watching the seasons change through everyone's crafts. Fall is the best!