Thursday, November 03, 2005

Autumn Daze

The dress front, she is finished! This is an artistic shot with just a few of the bazillions of leaves in our yard. Don't mind my foot there in the shot. I held up the front on my wriggling, squirmy daughter and it looks like it's going to be perfect. Yessssss! Now on to a sleeve. I am beginning to worry about yarn shortage. It's going to be close and if I need to order more, I want to do so now...while there's a chance they may still have the same dye lot.

A closeup of the cabled bodice. This isn't really the color either. It's not wanting to be captured correctly in digital form.

In other news...

This is one of three big ole trees in our yard. They are beautiful, to be sure, but we will be raking until the snow starts to fall. Look at that lawn!! There are so many leaves they are drifting against the back door and the front steps.

And in the "Read the Label" department: I was so excited to get leaf bags that look like jack-o-lanterns. I thought it would look so cool to have all these giant, fat pumpkins in front of the house. And we certainly have an abundance of leaves to fill them. Well, we raked and raked, got tons of leaves in piles, and broke out the bags. The puny, tiny, 2 ft. tall bags.

Oh well, at least we're a little festive.

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Jane said...

Wonderful knitting & leaves shots. You must be delighted with the dress - such a lovely colour, too.
For a moment I thought you had some very strange pets and then realised they were pumpkins. (Must find my glasses.)

Thanks for your comment.