Friday, November 18, 2005

Thanks a lot, Plowguy

I realize that this is Buffalo, and I realize I live just a couple of miles from the shore of a Great Lake, and I realize it is November 18th. Yet I am somehow surprised and obsessed with this big snow dump we've just received.

This is what my car looked like after Husband shoveled it out of the driveway. First he just tried to blast through the snow with his truck, but it was plowed up to both of our tailgate windows, so that was hopeless. He finally realized he'd have to shovel. We'd love to have a snowblower but we're just not quite affording those kinds of neato toys right now.

Good job with that shovel, sweetie!

Meanwhile, I entertained Daughter and baked up a storm (only partly because having the oven on makes the kitchen kind of warm and I don't have to feel like a crappy mom because my baby's feet are cold). I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, date bread, beer bread, and chocolate cake for my mom's birthday tomorrow. I didn't get any knitting done yet today but I did cut out the shoo-fly blocks for the paid quilt. No one wants to see a picture of endless rows of dark red double moss stitch anyway, right? Hopefully by the end of this weekend I'll have completed all the dress parts, so I'll be showing those off.

Everyone is in bed so it's time for mommy to have some quiet time with her knitting.

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