Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Dress parts! I robbed batteries from one of Daughter's toys to take some photos. On my monitor the color is pretty true. Front and one sleeve are done, second sleeve in progress. Once this is done we can schedule a portrait sitting (her first), and when the Knitpicks order arrives, the Christmas knitting really kicks into gear. I am joining Alison's holiday knitalong so as to bond with the other panicky knitters come December 23rd.

Quilt progress...just have to finish sewing down the appliques, join the blocks, and add borders. Usually I hate sewing down appliques, but the quilting gods are smiling on this project. It still makes me a little tense, but it's not miserable.

On the kid front, I washed these little ball toys because Daughter had smeared them with sweet potatoes. Hmmmm. Looks like perhaps they are not meant to be submerged (that's water and soap bubbles inside with the plastic tiger).

Who would make a baby toy that can't be washed?? Sheesh.

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