Monday, November 21, 2005

Almost Finished...

Dress Update

All right, here are the parts of the infamous Christmas Dress. I still have to somehow squeek out a collar from those puny little balls of yarn there in the middle. The collar in the pattern is a garter stitch monstrosity that I was planning to modify (to moss stitch) anyway, but it looks like it may be modified even further due to severe yarn shortage. I still have to seam this thing! And there's barely any yarn left! Crap, why didn't I do a gauge swatch?!? Oh, who are we kidding, I never do a gauge swatch. Muahahahaha!! I'm insane!!

Closeup of the panic-inducing collar area

No, it's not your eyes. It's a little blurry. I suck at taking pictures. That is really a very little tiny bit of yarn. Why oh why didn't I order some extra? STOOOOOOOPID!

Curl up and Dye

I am OBSESSED, I tell you. Obsessed with making all my cream wool yarn into goofy looking hanks of fruity goodness. I don't know wazzup with these colors, I just opened up random packets of kool aid and, using one of the many little blue booger-suckers you get at the hospital when you have a baby, squirted random colors onto the wool. Super fun! And I finally found a use for some empty baby food fridge is being taken over by little jars of extremely concentrated kool aid. My husband is thrilled with this development.

Ready to Stitch

Here is the new quilt, (almost) ready to sew. I am ready to stitch the shoo-fly blocks (the pieced blocks in the picture). This is a really pretty fabric line, but the fabric choices in the pattern picture are not quite my taste. So thppppppptt! I changed them.


Miriam said...

Hey, you could get a yarn that's SOMEWHAT the same color and seam with that, freeing up the leftovers to make some sort of collar.

kate said...

Well, that's looking like the best possibility at this point. Thanks for suggesting it! I'm going to try to finish the collar today so I can get an idea of just how dire the situation is.