Saturday, November 26, 2005


I am so amazing. I finished a whole gift in like, less than 2 days!

Ok, it's not so amazing, really. The hat and mittens, for my girlfriend's son, are worsted weight (Plymouth Encore) so they were fast. But the socks, for her daughter, are teeny little Knitpicks Dancing, which does not go so fast. On the bright side they are for a 6 year-old, so they are going more quickly than adult socks would. Does anyone have a 6 year-old girl around? Could you measure her ankle? I have cast on 52 stitches and this yarn stretches a ton, but I am worried they will be too small.

This weekend will be spent visiting family and weatherproofing the house (putting lovely plastic sheets on the windows, etc.) so I don't know how much knitting will get done. Hopefully Daughter will at least nap semi-well amid the chaos and I can power through one of these socks.


Liz said...

I cast on 52sts for my 6-year-old son. :)

kate said...

Thanks Liz! I cast on 52 and it looks right so far.