Thursday, October 31, 2013


Happy Halloween! I don't get real jazzed up about Halloween, but now I'm rethinking that policy. I got to be there for both of my kids' holiday experiences at school (this is still such a cool novelty to me!) and it was pretty awesome to see everyone so into it. I did break out my black & orange stripey knee socks but now I'm thinking I could at least stop by Target or Old Navy and grab a Halloween shirt (on sale).

My son is obsessed with Minecraft (if you don't know, ask your kids) and has talked all month about being "a Minecraft guy" for Halloween, so my husband tracked down the $20 cardboard box head and he's a happy kid.

Yeah. It's so weird. I don't know.

Daughter, on the other hand, is living out my childhood fantasy for me. Behold:

Don't mind the sneakers. One can only do so much in the name of authenticity, and black button shoes were not in the budget. McCall's 9424 is the pattern, and despite how it may look, it is SUPER easy. I let her choose any small print from the "Quilter's Showcase" line at Joann's (on sale for $2.49/yard) because it was the least expensive option. (I've decided so many farmers were broke in the old days because they had to buy so much flippin' fabric for their womenfolk.) The apron is plain muslin.

She loves it, and besides Halloween she can wear it for "Pioneer Days" next year in 4th (!!!) grade.

The weather is insane today...pouring rain when we woke up, then dry-ish, now starting to be windy, and about 65 degrees. Most years we are chased inside after trick-or-treating at about a dozen houses because our hands are freezing. This year we might last a bit longer! Hopefully the rain will continue to hold off so we can have a fun night out there with our friends.

Ok, gotta go switch the laundry and throw some dinner together so we can get to the important part...CANDY!

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeen!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

pulling it together (sort of)

Life has changed so, so much around here. I thought I was busy when my kids were little, and believe me, caring for my son when he had his medical issues after birth and having therapists here every day for the better part of 5 years was certainly a lot of work, but it is really different these days.

I spend too much time in the car, shuttling children (mostly my son) to and fro. 

Look, car I understand moms who talk about working a few rows while waiting in the carpool line. I always leave a little early to pick up my son (just in case of traffic, weather, etc) and now I'm that mom, knitting away and listening to the radio at pre-k pickup time.

But it works! I finished something! I had one extra skein of Fishermen's Wool and it was just exactly enough to make a vest. I love an extra layer to keep my core warm in the winter.

Besides all the driving around I've finally been able to go on field trips with both of my kids. That might not seem like a big deal, but when my little boy was born and required so much of my time and energy for the following 5 years, I never knew if I would get to do that kind of "normal mom stuff." Finally, with him in school every morning, I can do it. And it is awesome!

I think it's a general rule that all pre-k classes must go on one fire house field trip. It was so much fun watching my son and his classmates swarm all over the trucks. So glad I could be there to see it.

What else? Some normal fall stuff:

Apple picking with the fam.

Some baking now that the weather is cooling down.

My biggest challenge now that I'm chauffeur mom is organizing my time. And so far I stink at it! I'm barely getting through all I want to do because I guess I'm just not organized enough. It's getting better, but this morning my original plan was to cut out Daughter's halloween costume:

But it's a beautiful, chilly, sunny fall day and I felt moved to go to the farmer's market. Which I did, after pre-k drop off. And then I spent 45 minutes chopping veg to make crock pot minestrone.

And now I'm here talking to you.


Off to pre-k pickup now. My knitting is coming along with me, of course. And at least dinner is underway. So there's that. :)