Thursday, November 24, 2005

And an FO in a Pear Tree

Christmas FO number one:

Awesome! Turns out you can knit a whole baby hat while watching an evening of TV. I whipped this baby out while watching House and SVU. I knit a whole heckuva lot faster when watching Hugh Laurie. I heart him.

I have also started the first thumbless mitten to go with the hat. If anyone wants an easy pattern for thumbless mittens knitted with worsted weight, I will be happy to post the one I made up.

I think I can grab a shower, knit the rest of that mitten while watching the Macy's parade, and finish the chocolate pie I'm taking to my parents' house today...all before Daughter wakes up from her morning nap. But only if I hurry. Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating!


Nickie said...

Hi Kate! I would love the thumbless mitt pattern and also, what yarn did you use? Yummy on Hugh Laurie...wasn't that last episode with he and his former wife in the attic trying to trap that rat great? He's such a grouch except when he is in her company...he so loves her. Sorry about your snow...but always good knitting weather, heh? Nickie

Suse said...

Gorgeous hat. I believe it's clinially proven that one does everything faster when Hugh Laurie is present. Did you see all the HL discussions on my blog and inthe comments lately!?