Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Three Good Things


I swear to God she started out on the mat. I really don't ever just dump her on the floor. She doesn't move around on her hands and knees yet, but she's getting pretty good at turning and scootching along on her back. Yikes.


It's a hard-knock life.

And yarn!

I totally have craft A.D.D....when I realized I had some natural, 100% wool (Plymouth Galway) in my stash-o-rama, I had to get some kool aid and dye, dye, dye!!! While doing the weekly shopping, Daughter and I stood in front of the powdered drink display and pondered the color choices. I am not a kool aid connoisseur, not by a long shot. The only time I ever had kool aid as a child was at a neighbor's house, and my mom says when I came home I pooped green. To this day I am quite positive my mother has never even bought the stuff. So there I was with Daughter, browsing the packets of fake-fruity beverage mix. I held up each brightly colored package and said to Daughter, "what do you think, should we get this one?" And then I realized with horror that people might think I actually give my infant daughter kool aid. So I just grabbed some grape, cherry, and tropical punch and moved on.

I screwed up and forgot to wet the wool first, so my three little cups of dye just ran right off the dry wool. Not too smart, but as I have mentioned, I have an infant daughter. I donated lots of brain cells to her.

Luckily I foresaw my own potential stupidity and bought two packets of each color. So I dumped out the snarky looking kool aid water in the bottom of the dish, wet the wool, and tried again. The grape just made the yarn look dirty, so I went with a combo of tropical punch and cherry. Sadly
they're essentially the same. I squooshed it all into the wool (dyed my hands red despite using plastic bags) and microwaved it 3 times, 2 minutes per nuke. Our whole kitchen stank of hot cherry kool aid, which is gross. Once the water was clear (this really happens, peeps! I could hardly believe it myself!) I brought it into the living room to show Hubby my exciting feat. His response?

"Cool. But it smells like a urinal."


Couldn't get a decent natural light shot because there's hardly any natural light today. (It's been dark since morning. We're supposed to get our first snow tonight.) But here are some crappy attempts. It's a pretty cool mottled red. I am hoping to stop at the store tonight to get more kool aid, 'cause I have some Patons Classic Merino in cream and now I'm addicted.

Pictures of the new quilt fabrics and pattern tomorrow, provided it's actually light outside.

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