Friday, November 04, 2005

Go Irish!

Beat Tennessee!

Pattern: Knitting Pure and Simple neck-down cardigan (18 month size)
Yarn: Wool Ease worsted weight
Needles: Denise sizes 6 and 8
ND design charted by moi

Big news!! Daughter finally rolled over back to front tonight without help! She made it all the way over and pushed up onto her elbows! This is the major accomplishment we have been waiting for and we finally got there at 6.5 months. I can stop worrying.


HangerMom said...

That sweater is great (and it paid off, since we did beat Tennessee!). Just checking out your site since you were kind enough to welcome me to the blog world. I need to get craftier, apparently. So far I only crochet blankets, and sew a little. Although I have done a couple cute dresses from my older daughter... Anyway, I love the sweater, and congrats on the rolling over. Now your daughter will be more mobile than you'd ever dreamt or wished!

Kris said...

I came over from Staci's site too. Great sweater! Don't suppose you could share that chart with a fellow Domer/knitter, could you? :)

Kristine said...

I followed Kris from webgoddess over here... I'm actually a ND law student right now, and one of my profs is going on maternity leave... if you decide to share the chart for the ND, do you mind dropping me an email?