Monday, November 28, 2005

Sewing for Dollars

Nothing exciting to talk about today. Just working at the first Dancing sock (turned the heel and just started the gusset). I really have to take advantage of Daughter's naps today to work on the quilt I'm supposed to be making for money. It occurs to me that it is almost December 1st and if I want some Christmas money, I have to get this project turned in. So far only 2 blocks of 12 are finished and that's just no good.

The happy news is, it's in the high 50s here today and tomorrow, so all the mounded up snow is melting and we will be able to get to our mailbox without walking in the street. I can actually get to my car without risking death! I would love to go somewhere.

But, duty calls.

Off to the sewing machine!

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