Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Why I Don't Post Pictures of my Family

While drinking my tea this morning, I was going through the blogs I read and came to The Big Trade-off, one of my new favorites. Karen writes great stories about her adventures in family life and I love comparing her experiences to mine. I do this with lots of blogs written by mommies.

Today she had a very thought-provoking entry about weirdos who exploit blogs for their own freaky pleasures. She has since removed it, and closed all comments. I completely understand her reasons for doing so, but I wish so much that she didn't have to. I wish that no one ever had to do this. But there are jerks out there who leave horrible comments and abuse the internet, so nice people who are just trying to share their experiences and find a community can't do so safely.

I had a profile photo of my beautiful daughter in yesterday's post, which I shared because I am so proud of her and I want the people I "know" who read this blog to see her too. But I have removed it now, because the internet is indeed a public place, and I don't want anyone seeing her anymore.

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Karen said...

Thanks for your kind words, Kate, and for visiting my site. :) What a nice bit of encouragement by surprise today.

I wish I knew how to knit . . .