Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I'm probably the last person posting about the new Knitty today, but I've only just now had the time to look over the patterns carefully. So far the general response seems to be "yay!" but my reaction to most of the patterns is "meh."

I really, really like Bristow, and I like that it was knit in a yarn I might actually be able to afford.

I also like Best Friend, but I'm almost going to pay $50 for one skein of yarn to make two little teeny purses. Yeah, right. I noticed the designer stressed several times that one skein makes two purses. Well I hope so, for fifty bucks! I suppose I could substitute. Let me rephrase: I would have to substitute.

I also kind of like Thuja, but the finished sock looks quite short, especially for a man. My husband wouldn't wear a shorty sock like that, so if I made them I'd have to mod the pattern for a longer cuff. Not a problem I suppose. Husband has actually requested some new knitted socks, so perhaps I'll place a Knitpicks order sometime soon.

And that's the truth. Thppppppppt!

(Anyone remember that besides me? Lily Tomlin in the big chair? Playing Edith Ann? She'd end each skit saying "and that's the truth," and then stick out her tongue and make raspberries. Awesome.)

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