Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas 2005 Wrap-Up

So far, Christmas 2005 has been a great success around here. Lots of nice gifts were given and received, and we still have one more family gathering to go. Every year I give my husband a list of some things I would like to have, and every year he waits till the last minute and then buys everything on it. In a way this is really sweet, but when the Visa bill comes it will be a little less sweet. Eek. Guess I'd better use these a lot:

Knitting Vintage Socks

Knitting on the Road

Folk Art Quilts

That last one is especially good for anyone interested in Folk Art in general. I have a deep desire to decorate my home in Folk Art style but right now I am stuck with Early American Hand-Me-Down instead. I barely have time enough to do the things I have to do, much less paint wooden stars and angels to hang around the house. Hell, we've had the paint for our kitchen for almost a year, and the walls are still the same pukey yellow they were when we moved in. (Hopefully this will change soon, as Husband promised he would help me paint during his week off.)

Anyway, I digress. I also received some great CDs, clothes, and kitchen utensils. My mom made me some rad socks, but I wore them yesterday so I don't have a picture right now. Also, Husband is very awesome for getting me subscriptions to Piecework magazine and Interweave Knits magazine. Yeah baby!

I gave him Curve for men and a subscription to Men's Health magazine because he's into working out and stuff these days. It's not much but he's REALLY hard to buy for. He's a computer guy and he plays guitar. What do you get for someone like that?

So Christmas is over and now I just feel weird and deflated. The tree suddenly looks tired and droopy, and I have the overwhelming urge to start packing up the Christmas stuff. On our way to one of the family gatherings this weekend, Husband and I were discussing my attitude toward Christmas these days. I just don't feel excited like I used to...my life is the same from one day to the next, unlike when I was in school or working and there was a defined holiday period to anticipate. He feels it will be different when Daughter understands what's happening and gets excited. I'm pretty sure he's right. It's not that I don't
enjoy Christmas, it's just a bit anticlimactic. And now I just see a looooooooooong stretch of rilly, rilly cold days ahead until spring. This morning I was even thinking about what I will plant in the bed in front of my house! A little early for that, I suppose.

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