Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I meant to post yesterday...

but Blogger kept telling me I was "forbidden" from accessing my own page. Hmph.

I haven't been kntting at all the last couple
of days. We've been getting all Christmas-y around here:

I thought we had a lot of ornaments but this tree is pretty big and there are some bare spots. I guess we'll have to wait a few years till all those funky homemade ornaments come home from school with our child(ren). It looks pretty nice though. Notice I even have some gifts wrapped and ready to go under there. Sweet! Looking at them makes me feel better about not having all my holiday knits finished.

Last week when I turned in the black/red/yellow/green quilt top, I was handed two Christmas kits to make ASAP. Here is one of them, quilted and bound:

Get it? It says "JOY." Cute, and fun to make, but the store is charging $30 for the kit. That seems kind of expensive, considering it's only about 15" X 20" finished. Oh well, my job is just to make the sample, and that part's done. I'm going to take this one in today and hopefully finish up the other tonight or tomorrow. Then, back to the Christmas knits!

On another topic entirely, our little darling sweetheart has backed up her waking time by a good hour and a half in the morning. It's totally killing me. Yes, I am spoiled and lazy. I don't know what to do with her when it's still dark outside...my body tells me it's NOT time to be up yet and I want to drift back to sleep while I'm feeding her. Since I'm staying off caffeine until she is weaned, it's extra hard to get through the morning. Plus, her morning nap is a lot earlier, which changes my whole day. Speaking of which, it's about time for her to get up.....

ps: I have been asked about the infamous Christmas dress...no, it is not finished. The parts are all done and waiting to be seamed. I'll be getting to that very soon.


Jenn said...

I got that message yesterday too, but was able to "get around it" by switching browsers. I was using Firefox, but switching to Safari made it all better. I don't know why, but it might work for you next time!

HangerMom said...

Sorry - didn't mean to push you on the Christmas dress :). As for the sleep issues, I'm really, really sorry about that as well. Our first slept like a champ, but the second is more of an early riser, and it's killing me. I can't believe you've stayed off caffeine this long! I sort of ease my kids onto it from early on so now, with Ruth over 6 months old, she doesn't even seem to notice a little coffee or soda in the breast milk (Coke, in particular - I can't do without it). You're so much better than me!