Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My Daughter is Amazing (and Some Christmas Crafting Stuff Too)

Lovely and Amazing

I would like to go on and on for a bit about Daughter. If you are here for craft-related reasons, scroll on down.

Here are the incredibly awesome new things she has started doing now that she is a big grown up 8 month old:

She eats cereal. Real cereal. Big people cereal like Cheerios and Crispix. No teeth yet but those gums are hard and strong and she bashes the hell out of every little crunchy piece. Not only does she eat it, but she has started feeding herself. I love this because it means I can actually get some food into my mouth before it gets cold - the cereal keeps her occupied. I can't get enough of her chubby little fist cramming Cheerios into her mouth. She gets the most thoughtful look on her face while she works on bringing her hand up to meet her mouth. Sometimes she sort of misses, and I can't help but laugh. She laughs too.

She has started reaching her arms out to us when we come to her. When this happens I truly think my heart might burst and splatter all over the place and when they find me lying here I will have simply died from the cuteness.

She will gnaw off little bits of banana if you hold the banana up to her mouth. If she tries to hold it, the slippery fruit just goes flying and the dog gets a treat.

She now watches Sesame Street with rapt attention. This is good because after her morning feeding I can plop her down on a blanket, tune in PBS, and go get an english muffin and some tea. It is bad because I don't like seeing my baby as a drooling zombie. I have noticed that she pretty much ignores the sketches without bright colors. She likes the muppets the best. Overall verdict: God bless you Jim Henson and Childrens Television Workshop. This blog is brought to you by the letter Q and the number 9.

Merry Merry

I am pleased to announce that Christmas craft production is basically done. I have given up on the Conwy socks for my mother-in-law because they would never be done in time and the
y really, really, really hurt my hands. Like, really. Her birthday is in May so I think I will complete them slowly and give them to her then.

So she is getting one of these instead:

Santa and Rudolph mini quilt (I just noticed that I forgot Rudolph's face. Crap. Must now improvise because quilt is already sewn together.)

Santa and toys mini quilt

And by request, a mixer cover for my s

Isn't that exciting? Want to see it off the mixer? Sure you do:

So that's pretty much the end of Christmas crafting 2005. There's still that Irish Hiking Scarf I intend to finish but it doesn't have to be done by the weekend so it doesn't count.

To start the new year I will be finishing Kinsale and starting something new for myself. I want a slightly oversize (only slightly), roughly hip-length, cabled cardigan. I'd like to use worsted weight wool.
Any good pattern suggestions?


HangerMom said...

I loved the comments on your daughter. If cuteness were lethal, an eight month old baby girl would be a very dangerous weapon indeed. I think we'll be moving our 7 month old onto more finger foods shortly as she all but refuses anything that comes on a spoon these days.

Merry Christmas! Congrats on getting all your projects done. Get ready for all the rave reviews from your family on the Christmas dress in just a couple days! :)

Teresa said...

I love hearing somone else with a baby about the same age. my email is write me if you wish