Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What Will She Think in 20 Years?

What will my daughter think in 20 years when she sees photos of herself as a baby wearing this?

I really hope she thinks her mommy loved her so much that she sat up late at night, knitting and knitting to make adorable Christmas tree hats for her. Probably she will just think I'm a big dork.

Specs for the knitting knerds:
Pattern: Christmas tree hat, free here
Yarn: Knitpicks Merino Style DK, in pine and harvest
Needles: Susan Bates (I think), size 4 dpns
Gauge: around 6 stitches/inch or so...I'm not so much a gauge swatcher so that's an estimate
Mods: I cast on 90 stitches because the pattern is for preemies/newborns and Daughter is 7.5 months old. Her head is quite a bit bigger now than is was back then.

I liked this pattern...and I feel a little guilty that I mooched it from a charity pattern site. Now I really think I have to make some charity stuff and hopefully will squeeze it in around the gift knitting, the baking, the cleaning, and the general child care.

Also, once again, I LOVE KNITPICKS MERINO STYLE DK!!! This is also the yarn Daughter's Christmas dress is made from, and I would be happy if I could use it for every project I make for the rest of my life. It is so soft, and works up so wonderfully. I wish they made a worsted weight with such a nice hand (or maybe they do, I haven't tried all of their yarns yet).

So, here is the Christmas project list as of today:
Knitted stuff:
Little girl socks for friend's daughter: DONE (and wrapped)
Hat and mitten set for friend's baby boy: DONE (not wrapped)
Aunt's felted fuzzy feet slippers: DONE (and wrapped)
Daughter's Christmas tree hat: DONE
Daughter's Christmas dress: pieces done, washed and blocked, not seamed yet
Cousin's Princeton Tigers Hat: not started yet
Irish Hiking Scarf: like maybe 3 repeats done
Sister's felted fuzzy feet slippers: one about half done
Potential future sister in law's felted fuzzy feet slippers: not started, but she said she wants a teakettle, so that might be what she gets instead

Sewn stuff:
Other sister's cover for Kitchen Aid mixer: have fabric, haven't even started designing yet
Table runner or something for Aunt and Uncle (parents of cousin mentioned above): not even a glimmer of an idea for this one yet

Luckily the sewn stuff is fast. Too bad I still have to come up with ideas for those projects!

In sad news, I just heard that a friend has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer that has already spread to her colon (and possibly elsewhere, I am getting this info 3rd or 4th hand). She has just had surgery to remove all the affected organs. This woman is someone I knit with on occasion, she is only 40, and she has two little kids. What is the deal with someone like that getting serious cancer? It's bullshit, man. So I am thinking the fuzzy feet that were intended for my potential future sister in law might go to this friend instead. I'm not sure what else I can do for her. I'd like to get something in the mail quickly.


HangerMom said...

I love the christmas tree hat for your daughter! Too cute. I'm sure even if she does think you're a nerd later in life for doing that to her, she'll know you did it out of love. Or her therapist will help her understand you did it out of love.

Ann-Marie said...

that hat is cute, i made if for my daugter two years ago...i found the ornaments looked a little silly to me, i like your plain version. i'll have to dig it up for my son to wear.....

Kara said...

I ues knitpicks dye your own fingering weight doubled to get worsted weight yarn. It works up 18 sts/ 4 inches. I think I used size 8 needles and it was super soft. I used it in the Dragon sweater I made undyed.