Friday, December 30, 2005


Husband took this week off and so far we have done nothing particularly meaningful. In fact, we have been extremely lazy. Our big contribution to society since the weekend was to go eat $30 worth of strip steaks prepared by our friend at his new apartment.

I love my husband dearly, but I am looking forward to him being back at work next week so I can get back to my schedule (such as it is).

The only thing crafty that's been going on here (besides laying out fabrics, staring at them, rearranging them, staring some more, going to watch TV, coming back to stare at the fabrics again, rinse, repeat) is a lame-o pair of brown socks:

Crappy picture, I know. But in my extreme laziness I just tossed them up on the back of the couch where I am sitting because there's some light coming in the window...and I didn't have to really move much.

Anyway, that's Knitpicks something-or-other in Fawn. Quite scratchy, and the stitch definition is funky. Not smooth and nice like I'm used to. Hopefully these will soften up when washed. Stay tuned.

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Caren said...

It's hit or miss, in my humble opinion, with Knit Picks stuff. I bought some for a shawl & it was so damn scratchy, I nixed the project.