Thursday, December 08, 2005


When I have not been caring for/entertaining/feeding my child today, I have been chained to my sewing machine.

The thing about sewing for money is you have to actually do the sewing in order to get the money.

So, my house is a mess (in the sunray coming through the window I can see dried salt and bits of Christmas tree on my fake hardwood floors), I didn't even dry my hair today (and it is "growing out" from a really short cut so when it's not blown dry it's awfully reminiscent of John Stamos' hair in the Full House days [sorry if that gives anyone nightmares]), and I'm starving because Daughter has deemed it necessary to be entertained for almost every waking moment of her day and that means no time for me to make a sandwich. Ay yi yi.

Moving on...I have a really important question for anyone reading this. I mean, it's something that's been keeping us up at night. Does anyone remember the commercial from the 1980s for some sort of loom that involved wrapping your yarn around and around and then POP! and you had daisies (?) that you would then sew together to make an afghan? If anyone knows what that stupid thing was called, could you tell me? It's been bugging me and Husband for ages. We remember seeing it a lot while watching The Cosby Show and whatnot, and we can both picture the woman wrapping the yarn and POPPING the flowers off, but I can't find it on the internet and no one can remember the name.

The child, she is sleeping. Must go get something done.


Karen said...

It's called a bloom loom or daisy loom. I think my mom had placemats made in every freaking color with this thing in the 70's!

kate said...

Yes! Karen, thank you...I'm so glad someone else out there knows what I'm talking about.