Saturday, December 17, 2005

Some Baby Stuff, and Some Knitting Stuff

The Babe
I love watching Daughter learn new things. I used to teach preschool and I was always ecstatic when I could see that a connection was made in a 3 year-old's brain...with my own child it is so much better.

This morning, after breakfast, I put her down to play on a quilt right in front of the Christmas tree. She sat for awhile and then, as always, she fell backwards onto a pillow. She's good at rolling herself over now, so she ended up on her belly, facing the few gifts I've placed under the tree. Two of those gifts are bottles of Cronfelt's Loganberry Syrup for my little sisters because they don't live in Buffalo anymore (that won't mean much to anyone who hasn't spent summers running around
Crystal Beach). These bottles caught Daughter's eye and I watched as she reached for them, stretching her arm so hard that her little legs lifted in the air. She tried SO hard to get those bottles. I didn't touch her or try to help her, I just sat on the edge of the couch, wringing my hands and whispering, "come on, you can do it!"

The poor kid hasn't figured out that if she could just hitch her little leg up, get a foot underneath her body and push, the world would be hers to explore. And yes, I know that once she is in motion she will stay in motion, but right now I am more concerned with her development and her achievements than I am with having time for myself. Plus, we have a playpen and we use it as such, so when I need to cook dinner/go to the bathroom/run the vacuum/etc. I put her in there and she is trapped for awhile.

Daughter will be 8 months old on Monday. How old were your babies when they started crawling?

Knitting Stuff
I have been knitting diligently on my Christmas gifts. Here's proof:

Conwy, Irish Hiking Scarf, Esther Williams hat

I work on Conwy as the pain in my hands and wrists allows. So far I am about 1.5 inches shy of finishing the leg portion of the first sock. If I can finish the first sock this weekend I will consider that a success. I am stretching my hands & wrists, wearing wrist braces, taking tylenol, etc. but the pain persists. I am blaming the metal needles. If it weren't such crappy weather around here I'd probably go out and get some bamboo size 1s but eh, I don't feel like going out in the snow.

I love knitting the Irish Hiking Scarf. It's just a fun, simple, and better yet worsted weight project, which allows me a bit of restful knitting when the Conwy sock is killing me. This is about 14 inches or so. Lots to go but it does knit up fast.

And finally, Esther Williams. I am coming to this pattern a bit late, as I see there was just a knitalong. I cast on last night when I couldn't possibly knit another second of Conwy. I completed 18 rows in very little time. I love it!! This is Cascade 220 in a lovely eggshell color. I think this hat will be stunning (and better yet, I think it will be finished this weekend).

This afternoon will be filled with visiting the parents. I'm hoping to run out for a few last Christmas gifts while Daughter sleeps at my parents' house. Anyone have good stocking stuffer ideas for a man?


Teresa said...

my daughter turned 8 months on the 13th. she is doing the army crawl, but not a full crawl. She just now has learned to get into a sitting position on her own. She too was very much a roller, and I dispared that she wouln't crawl because she would rather roll. I have been reasured by somone hired by the school board for early child development, that she is right on track, so it sounds like yours is too :)

kate said...

Thank you, Teresa! My daughter is still a bit on the small side for her age as well, so I think once she grows a little more and gets stronger, she'll start moving. So much to worry about, right?

Anonymous said...

well my son started to crawl at 10 months but by 11 months he was walking. crawling to walking in a month, but it felt like it took forever... all your knits are so beautiful, and i think it's the pattern that hurts so bad with the socks, I had the same problem...

Teresa said...

kate, and think of it this way: the really big chunky babies tend to roll later and not as often for some reason.. We were in a play group when she was 6 months, and the parents of a 9 month old boy were amazed by the fact that my lil one was rolling all over the place.. so being small isn't bad for some things :)