Sunday, February 19, 2006

True or False?

I think I was tagged for the true/false meme by least I hope I am the Kate she is referring to! Oh well, this blog is all about me anyway, so I'm a-gonna do it. Plus it's my first meme! Me! Me!

Ok, if you want to play along, guess which one of these is true:
  1. In college someone dared me to climb up inside the Golden Dome. I snuck up there but panicked when I heard a noise - I accidentally dropped my dad's old pocket knife and wish I could get it back.
  2. My ex-boyfriend found God and wrote a book about it. I helped him edit it before we broke up, and he dedicated the book to me.
  3. I am named after someone famous.
  4. In 1998 I started running, and when I ran the Chase Corporate Challenge in 1999, I smoked the competition and came in 3rd.
Dude, you know what's hard? Making up stuff about yourself. Most have already done this meme, methinks, but I'd like to hear from Staci and Scout (if they haven't done it yet).


Karen said...

Of course you're the Kate I was talking about!

My guess is number 4

HangerMom said...

Wow. It would seem really tough to get past security to climb the Dome, but from a school spirit perspective, I'll vote for #1. :)

Um, and then I'll try to make some stuff up about myself... Hmm.

Jenn said...

My guess is #4 too. :)

Teresa said...

#3 is sitting there all so innocent, doesn't give much info... wonder if this is done on purpose.. going with three.