Thursday, February 09, 2006


I finished Trellis late last night - much to late to take photos and post them. So I did 100 things about me instead. Would it be terribly conceited of me to admit that was really fun? I mean, I could probably have done 100 more, but I tried to pick out the ones that would interest someone other than me.

Anyway. Trellis!


This is a great pattern.

a better view, and a more accurate shot of the color

the back

Wayne's World unneccesary zoom!

sleeve-y goodness

So that's Trellis. I think it took exactly one month from start to finish...I want to say I cast on January 8 or 9. Specs:

Pattern: Trellis from
Yarn: Sirdar Toddler Aran in 'putty' (a pretty blue with a hint of gray and green...which really does look a little like bathroom putty now that I think about it)
Needles: US 7, 14" wooden from Peace Fleece (can be found here by scrolling down)
Gauge: we've talked about my issues with gauge before, right? i wing it, baby
Mods: none

I said a day or two ago that the only thing that bothered me about this pattern was the collar, but that was before I constructed it. It is now my favorite part of the sweater - it's freaking brilliant, really, the way you knit it and sew it down, which makes it turn back all by itself. Awesome.

The only thing I might change if I knit it again is this: instead of all the garter stitch I might try moss stitch. I love the look of moss/seed stitch. I don't know if this would negatively impact the elasticity of the sweater, though. I'd have to try it and see.

Also, I have to say that the Sirdar toddler aran yarn is nice to work with. It feels just like cotton despite being 100% plastic. At $7 per ball (at my LYS anyway) it is no bargain for acrylic, but still, $14 for a baby sweater isn't too bad.

Now it needs buttons. Thoughts?


Scoutj said...

All I can say it wow. That is really beautiful!

Karen said...

That is just stunning.

I've tried to contact you with your yahoo address a couple of times but it gets returned. I have some way cool brown leather vintage buttons if you're interested. Email me, karenk823 at hotmail dot com.

Ruth said...

Adorable! Brown leather buttons would be nice, but so would mother-of-pearl. Depends on if you're trying to dress it up or dress it down.

Jenn said...

It looks great! I really want to make one now - love those cables! I think brown wooden buttons would look cute too. Congrats on such a beautiful FO!

Johnny Stiletto said...

wow! it looks amazing - i REALLY love the color; it could go well for either boys or girls!!