Wednesday, February 01, 2006

To my Sockapaloooza Sock Pal

Hello! Whoever you are, I am so psyched that you'll be making socks for me! I've been feeling a little guilty that I said I like tall socks (a long cuff) because that is a lot of knitting and a lot of yarn. Please, if that would be a hardship in any way, by all means make a shorter sock. I'd hate to think you'll be sitting there plodding through these 8" cuffs and grumbling about what a sucky person you were given.


Scoutj said...

It's funny that you posted this because my Pal asked for the same thing! I'm so impatient I could barely knit for 4 inches..... ACK!

Scoutj said...

I should add she was very cool and said as long as they aren't super short she'll be happy with anything!