Friday, February 10, 2006

Off to a Good Start

The opening ceremonies are just about over. I have one complete hat and about 2.5" of the second to show for it. Photos tomorrow.

A few thoughts on the ceremonies:

LOVED the thing where they made the giant skier! If you missed this...well, you missed a really cool thing.

LOVED the way they brought up the Olympic rings. It gave me big chills. AWESOME.

HATED those doofy hats the Americans are wearing. Ugh.

CONFUSED by what Peter Gabriel was wearing on his head. I lurrrrrrrve Peter Gabriel and want to kidnap him, keep him in my closet, and make him sing for me at my whim...but I just can't get behind the - what? do-rag?

Also, if you read my 100 things (but of course you did! I am so interesting!), you will note that I am Italian. I surprised myself by being quite moved and proud that these games are being held in Italy. Yesterday I had to have some blood drawn and I sat in the waiting room next to a young pregnant woman and her mother. They were yakking away in Italian...and not just Italian, but Sicilian. Sicily is the land of my people. I was so jealous, as no one in my family can speak a word anymore. Anyway, hearing all the Italian being spoken on my TV just made me feel a weird...I don't know...connection, or something. Maybe that sounds dumb.

I am debating whether to push onward with hat #2 and watch the local news, or just go to bed. My wrists are a little sore from knitting so quickly and constantly today, so perhaps I should rest. We are having our taxes prepared at noon tomorrow, so I'll want to be alert-ish for that. Think "huge refund" thoughts for me!

Let's see your Olympic progress!

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