Friday, February 10, 2006

Get Ready...Get Set...

First I want to thank you all for the nice comments about Trellis. It was a totally fun sweater to knit, and I highly recommend the pattern to someone with at least a moderate amount of knitting experience. I think I'm going with plain ol' wooden buttons so they won't compete with the knitting itself. I tried the sweater on the child yesterday and it is too big, which is great - I was aiming for her to wear it this spring, summer and hopefully a little bit of autumn.

Second, a couple of you said you had some stuff in common with me from my 100 things. Peeps, ya' can't leave me hangin' like that! What do we have in common? Did your husbands propose to you in the supermarket too? My inquiring mind wants to know!

All right, on to the Olympic challenge. Real quick, head over to see Scout's supplies for Odessa. That hat's gonna rock the party, and I totally want it. What do I have to do to get you to send it to
me, Scout?

I spent my aimless night pulling patterns and supplies together for my personal Dulaan challenge. A quick trip to the library for Ann Budd's book and I'll be set. I can't believe I don't have a pattern for a child size mitten knit in the round. I can't believe I'm so lazy I won't sit down and figure it out for myself. Oh well, Ann Budd already did the work for me I guess.

supplies, ready to go

And for those of you who come here for the kid stuff: Daughter still refuses to do anything that resembles crawling. But! She will now fixate on an object, get it in her sights, and roll over 'n over 'n over 'n over till she reaches it. Which is cool, but also dangerous. We have two wide, flat steps in the family room (leading up), which she will roll to and use to try to pull herself up. I'm happy to see her try, but now begins the 'watch like a hawk' stage of parenting that will last till she's oh, about married.

apparantly rolling to the tv stand and rubbing your feet on it feels good


Ramona said...

Good luck with the Olympics!. I'm not knitting, just cheering you crazy athletes on to the finish line.

HangerMom said...

Rolling = mobility. She'll be crawling before you know it! It's an interesting phase. Have fun with that. It's actually lucky you have the stairs since they'll sort of contain her for a while longer, but the danger is upon you. Good luck!! I brought my play-yard fence to the family room yesterday so I could contain Ruth in the main room and keep her from the dining room/kitchen that are attached.

Scoutj said...

I'll have to think on that! ;)

Teresa said...

Some babies never do crawl, and because of this, it isn't concidered a stage of development. Don't worry if she doesn't. I wonder though, does it occour to her to crawl? Has she seen other babies do it? It may sound silly, but I had to get on the floor and SHOW my baby about crawling when she was in the rolling stage. I already knew she was a visual learner, though.

kate said...

Teresa - we have tried to encourage her in any way possible. She has seen her little friend (who is 6 days older) crawl all around her, and we have demonstrated as well. We've even tried pulling her legs up for her, to get her knees under her a bit, but she stiffens up and screams. Something about crawling just doesn't agree with her!