Saturday, February 04, 2006


If this doesn't make you tear up, I can only assume your heart is a cold black lump.

I think I might revise my Olympics plan. Now that I understand the winter games start next Friday (instead of yesterday as I'd originally thought...dur), I may just finish up all I can on my current wips before then, and knit hats/mittens/etc. for the Dulaan project during the games. I was going to knit for myself and for Daughter (2 sweaters that have been waiting patiently in the stash for almost a year) but I realize we have enough warm clothes to keep us comfortable in our drafty house. There are cold babies and children in the world who need our knits. I'm thinking if I really work fast I can make at least 4 hats and 4 pairs of mittens in 2 weeks (child size).

Who's with me?

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