Friday, April 07, 2006

Random stuff

It's so dark, gray and wet here today it looks like a fall evening, not a spring morning. I have recently come to terms with the fact that my moods are almost 100% caused by the weather and so today will be a slow, low-energy day. Yesterday was gorgeous and sunny, and Daughter & I ran errands. Then she took her afternoon nap and I was so productive! I got sewing projects cut out and ready to go, and I made two new throw pillows for my sofa. I even knitted a bit on my sockapaloooza socks before bed. I hope I have turned the first-to-second trimester corner and my energy will be coming back. I mean, yesterday I didn't sit down on the couch in a stupor even once...a miracle! Usually 2 pm rolls around and all I want to do is go to sleep.

So anyway, no photos because it's too dark, but soon you will see the fruits of my labor. I hope to get some more done this afternoon. Well, if I ever get moving, as it's already 11 am, Daughter will be waking up in about 20 minutes, I haven't showered, and the breakfast dishes are congealing on the table. The mornings just evaporate around here.

In exciting child news, we have a tooth! The first bottom tooth officially cut through on the 31st and its mate is on the way soon. Thankfully this has not caused any night-waking and/or obvious misery for any of us (so far). It's such a cute, tiny little tooth. I am so proud.

However, in questionable child news, I have discovered that my baby has no balance. I mean it, we stand her up and she just falls right over. We prop her against her little FP noisemaking, button-pushing table and she can sort of stand there for a few seconds but then - if we don't hold her or hover close enough to catch her - kaboom. She's down. And even when she is sitting, she flops over backwards much of the time. (To clarify, she is perfectly capable of sitting up for like, an hour...she just always ends up flopping down eventually, like when she gets tired.) We still have to put a pillow behind her to protect her head. Is this at all normal for a kid who's almost 1? I'll be checking it out with the pediatrician at her 1-year checkup. I mean, what can you do for balance? I don't know.

In financial child news, I discovered yesterday that Luvs (my favorite diapers) actually become cheaper than generic diapers if you buy a big enough box. We were shopping at BJs (like Sam's or Costco for those who don't know) with our free 60 day trial membership (yay free stuff!) and I compared diaper prices for like, 15 minutes. I'm sure the other shoppers thought I was crazy. But it's true, the 174 pack of Luvs cost less per diaper than the store brand. Shazam! I love a deal. And now we have enough diapers for the apocalypse. It makes me feel so secure to know we won't run out for a long, long time. I'm a dork.

Thanks for your thoughts and stories involving surgery and pregnancy, girls. I do appreciate it and would love to hear all the success stories you have about this issue! I'm nervous about it, and will have to do horrible stuff like "get my affairs in order" and probably sign a form saying that if something happens to my unborn child it isn't the hospital's or doctor's fault, but still I feel pretty ok. I think there are much worse situations that people have gone through.

Oh crap. Kid's awake in her crib - I have to take the world's fastest shower while she's still happy playing in there!


HangerMom said...

Interesting about the diapers - I like LUVS, but I've been using the Target brand for ages because they seemed cheaper at all quantities... but I only remember checking out Pampers and Huggies at Costco. I'll have to look into that. I, too, have spent ridiculous amounts of time standing in diaper aisles with a calculator!

As for the balance issues, every baby is different, but I would expect a baby to be able to sit up unassisted by a year, probably. Standing and walking is so variable. Really everything is. I don't know what sort of "exercises" you could do to help with balance... hopefully the doc will have some good recommendations. Sorry I'm not more help.

emy said...

I take it that little tots like to lie down more often -- my 4mth old niece always arches her back and straightens her legs very often when we are carrying her as an indication that she wants a lie-down instead.