Monday, April 10, 2006

Free to a good home

Hey cross stitchers! I know you're out there!

I have here a Bucilla kit for a family tree counted cross stitch. Its official name is "Through the Years." The finished piece of stitching measures 16" X 18", and is on 14 count white aida cloth. I began this project about 7 years ago (I think I intended it for my parents' 25th anniversary), but I wasn't enjoying it so it got shoved in a bin and put away. All I did was a bit of the greenery and the
two hearts in the center of the design. The aida cloth is taped around all edges with masking tape.

The kit includes the aida cloth (with a little stitching already done), cotton floss wound on bobbins, silk ribbon, gold metallic thread, pearlescent blending filament and full color chart. There might even be a needle stuck in there somewhere...I'll have to check. I will also throw in the sterlite bin with handle that it's been living in for the last 7 years. All you have to supply is an embroidery hoop. And possibly a needle if there isn't one in there.

This kit has been kept in a non-smoking, clean home and is in great shape. It just needs someone
to actually finish stitching it. Plus, it's free, people. I'll even pay shipping in the continental US. Please take it off my hands so I can have more room in my craft cabinet. If you're interested please email me: momwhoknits AT yahoo DOT com. I'll need your name and mailing address, which I promise to delete the instant I finish addressing the package. Believe me, I don't want to stalk you.

sorry for the cruddy picture. what can I tell you? free is free, peeps.

see? fambly tree! Obviously, your family name goes in the middle.

all this...for free!

Disclaimer: If you decide you want this and I send it to you (free, remember), you can't send it back if you decide you don't like it after all. I don't want it so it's up to you to figure out what to do with it! Pass it on, sell it on ebay, chuck it...whatever. The same goes for if you discover I frigged up any of the stitching. I don't want to hear about it! Ok? Cool. Now please, please take it away. :)


HangerMom said...

HA! I love the intense sales pitch for the free item. You had me laughing at my desk. It's almost worth it just for the tree sterilite container! But no. I'd never have the patience to figure out how to get all those names on there. Good luck giving the thing away!

Teresa said...

lol, sounds like a good time to plug another one of my obsessions. They use Yahoo webgroups, and if you have something to give away, you post it, and then you pick somone, and they come and get it off your porch! I have gotten rid of countless stuff, stuff that I would have thrown away, otherwise (which is the idea of the group)