Saturday, April 22, 2006

Food Network

I'm big into the Food Network. And now that I'm basically housebound and my butt is growing roots in the couch, I've been watching it more than ever.

If you're like me (ok, except for the housebound thing) and you love watching Food Network but also occasionally find yourself hurling snarky comments at the cooks or picking your jaw up off the floor after Paula Deen puts yet another stick of butter into a recipe, check out Armchair Cook.

I promise you'll just about pee your pants laughing.


Debra said...

I love the Food Network. I sit home on weekends and that's all I watch. I adore Tyler Florence, Giangggggi (Whatever her name is) and Bearfoot Contessa! I actually took my mom to PA once to see Paula Deen.. your right she's gonna turn into a stick of butter some day!

Karen said...

Oh yeah. I have a real love-hate relationship with Rachel Ray.

Paula Deen's desserts. MMMMMMMM.

How I long to look and cook like Giada. My husband who dislikes to watch "my channels" will actually stop and watch Everyday Italian with me. Hmm. Wonder why?

kate said...

Karen - it's gotta be the boobs. My hub will happily watch Giada too. Sheesh.