Saturday, April 08, 2006

New and Improved: Now with Actual Photos!

The sun is shining! I took some pictures! And thank goodness 'cause this blog was getting a little boring to look at.

Sockapaloooza sock hangin' with some bunnies. It's coming along, and I'm much happier with this version than the last attempt. I knitted all that foot part through Walk the Line last night. Have you seen it? I mostly thought it was sad and, as my husband said, "man, this guy just keeps doing uncomfortable stuff." I thought it was extremely well acted, and kudos to Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix for learning to sing and play like that, but in the end I just thought June Carter was out of her mind for agreeing to marry Johnny Cash. He was a train wreck! And I know it worked out and they did love each other desperately, but it was a long, hard, hurtful road to get there. Yikes.

It's hard to take a photo on a beautiful day. The sun is streaming in the front window and it makes the rest of the room look dark. This is my (not so much decorated) dining room, which is currently home to my sweat shop, er, sewing stuff. I'm in the middle of two (identical and therefore boring) quilts for the shop that involve nursery rhyme-type embroidery on the main squares and a fiddly border of nine-patches. I'll show more when I get more done. It's really not a cute project so I can't say I'm too enthused, but I have big car repairs to pay for, and also maternity clothes, so I do what I'm told. Side note: I own the mechanical sewing machine in the upper left but definitely not the top-of-the-line embroidery machine at the bottom right ($7000, enough said). Side note #2: I don't bother to move my funky fiesta ware candlesticks and vase when I work. Which is dumb.

Speaking of maternity clothes...I love Old Navy! Look at this rainbow of fruit flavors:

These t-shirts are awesome! Only $9 each and they're nice and long so they actually cover the belly. I hate some of the styles out there that barely cover you up - and I actually like maternity pants with the panel, especially around the 8th month, so I need shirts that cover me and the top of my pants. Also, normally I am a pretty boring dresser, but I try to perk it up in the summer. And since I was pregnant all winter last time, I had to get all new stuff this time - thus the rainbow of new t-shirts and pants. I got jeans (super bargain at $25 or $30 since most maternity jeans are around $50 or $60), some denim capris, and bright pink cargo pants that button up or down to make capris or not, depending on the day. Fantastic! I'm returning a denim skirt (clownishly big) and some khaki capris as I think the fabric is not nice. They remind me of nothing so much as army pants - you know, the khaki uniform? Yeah, not so cute and feminine for summer. So instead I am ordering awesome shoes! It'll be like they're free, since I'm returning two items that are worth more than the price of the shoes. Right? Oh yes.

(Image swiped shamelessly from
These are Adventure Cross-Straps. I'm getting them in the color shown (yep, pale aloe...too lazy to photoshop those words out), and they are to replace my stinky old beat up Birkenstocks. Which I love and am sad to see go, but they are 'round about 5 or 6 years old now, they seriously smell when I wear them, and they look like hell to boot. So R.I.P Birks, and welcome to the summer wardrobe, Adventure shoes! I am hoping these will be easy to jam on my feet when I turn into Large Marge and I'm trying to corral Daughter as she runs off.

Speaking of stinky, I really must hit the shower whilst Daughter is napping. Have a great weekend, all!


Jenn said...

Ooh - I've been coveting those shoes too!

Karen said...

I hear ya on the panel pants. When I was pregnant with child 1 in 1999-2000 full panel pants were it. No options. When I was pregnant with child 2 three years later the under belly mini-panel was all the rage. I was so disappointed to find how uncomfortable they were after about month six. But then, I was roughly the size of a bus at six months. A full blown house at nine months. I gave my maternity clothes a run for their money.

HangerMom said...

I think I'm in love with your shoes.

And I always loved full panel pants at the end of a pregnancy. So much nicer than trying to keep low ride style ones pulled up! Old Navy was always my favority maternity clothes spot. I'm glad you get to enjoy the summer colors this time around!

Ruth said...

I don't know why I haven't noticed the similarity before, but are we using the same yarn for our Sockapaloooza socks? I'm using Socks That Rock "Queen Rock" ... it has the same purple/yellow/magenta thing gonig that yours seem to ....