Friday, January 06, 2006

Still Going...

I am the energizer bunny of quilting, people. Still sewing strip after strip after strip...

un-pressed strip sets with their selvedges hanging out

I am very bored with this project. I still have 11 of these giant strip sets to finish, then they will be cut in the opposite direction, and sewn together in strips again. BORING. I am not a fancy quilter by any means, but I do like just a little variation in my piecing.

In more fun news, in honor of my big fat important 30th birthday which is just around the corner, I have created obscene wish lists at Knitpicks and Amazon. I sent them to Mom and Husband in the hopes that they will share with others. Knitting is my main hobby with quilting a close second, but I can't very well send people out to buy me fabric, so I am hoping they will supply me with knitting goodness that will last me a looooooooooooooong time. Husband thinks I am crazy and possibly trying to accumulate all of the wool yarn in the western world. Ha! I am indeed a little crazy, but my
stash is actually pretty tame.

There are many things I would love to be knitting, but to sort of 'cleanse the palette' I am making boring old brown socks:

so boring

I promise these are actually brown (Knitpicks Essential sock yarn in "Fawn") but it is actually sort of light out today and my camera doesn't know what to do.

Sock #2 is started and hopefully will be finished sometime early next week. Then I have two very cute baby sweaters to make for Daughter. Stay tuned.

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Ruth said...

oooo, baby girl sweaters! My favorites! Looking forward to seeing what you have planned.