Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Back, a Sleeve, and a Heel

Thanks again for the advice, Internet! It seems there is no one "normal" baby - every child develops at his/her own rate. I crawled, walked and talked at a young age but my husband never crawled at all, just pulled himself up on the furniture at about 1 year and started cruising. On the food front, yesterday the diapers were a little...ummm...loose, I guess. I am blaming this on the cheese, so we will hold off on dairy until we talk to the doctor next week. I know dairy can damage the intestines if given too early (the digestive system is not mature enough to break it down properly) so I will wait.

Onward to the knitting progress! Last night I finished
the back of Trellis and started a sleeve:

needs blocking!

I also worked most of the heel flap on the kool aid sock:


The heel looks pretty nifty. Here it is up close and personal:

to stripe or not to stripe?

Yesterday it was sunny and 60. Today it is snowing sideways. Winter is back.


Theresa said...

The Trellis look so cute - it is for your super-accomplished Daughter? She sounds like a joy.

Johnny Stiletto said...

oooh - i LOVE those colors on the sock!