Sunday, January 08, 2006

Itchy Twitchy

My mom asked me once if I ever have the sensation that my hands just need to knit, like they're itchy-twitchy and knitting is the only thing to do.


Last night, after I fixed my spacebar (an involved adventure in which I snapped off both alt keys by accident and subsequently had to fix all three keys), I managed to knit about 10 more rounds of the second boring brown sock while watching the second half of Revenge of the Sith (not my choice). However, this morning I looked at good ol' boring brown sock and I just couldn't do it. Instead, realizing that Daughter is rapidly growing into and out of her clothing and is now wearing 12-month sizes, I cast on for Trellis.

fresh snowfall, fresh project

Yes, it is startitis rearing its ugly head, but whatever. Life is short and Daughter is growing like a weed. This is Sirdar Toddler Aran yarn in a very pretty blue. Our camera is of the not excellent variety and this is the best pic I could get against the snow. I like this yarn and I am hoping and praying there is enough to make this sweater in the 18 month size. The pattern calls for 5 balls of yarn at 98 yards each: 490 yards. I have two skeins of yarn at 258 yards each: 516 yards. Will I make it with only 26 yards to spare? I guess I like a challenge.

And can I just add that when we had Daughter out for dinner last night, she was dressed in pink overalls, and a shirt with pink flowers on it, yet the restaurant staff called her "buddy" and "little guy." Dudes, seriously. Get a clue.

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HangerMom said...

Wow. We went out to a restaurant last night for the first time in months as well, and were celebrating the fact that our youngest can now sit in a high chair and eat cheerios for entertainment. I was about to post something similar, but I've been beaten to it :). Restaurants may be re-opening their doors to us a little more often, finally.

I picked up crocheting because of the same itchy-twitchy thing you mention. I couldn't sit still through a movie in college because I would have so much on my mind, so a friend taught me to crochet. It helped occupy a little more of my mind and keep my hands busy so I could relax enough to watch tv. Of course, these days, I can't find time to sit down in front of tv, so I don't get much crocheting done except on roadtrips.