Friday, January 20, 2006


I have finally dug myself out from under the paid projects that buried me all week. I made two of these:


I did not photograph both (no point...they are identical) but trust me, there are two. I could show you the bags under my eyes from staying up past midnight all week to finish them, but then you would be frightened and never come back.

These quilt tops were strip-pieced, but in the end there are 1551 squares in each. Yowza!

I purposely gave my boss no warning that I would be dropping these off today so she wouldn't have any more work for me right away. I need a break from the roughly 20 hours of sewing I did this week, and if I had new project supplies I'd just feel guilty not sitting down and starting. Plus let's be real here - I haven't knit a stitch this week and it's killing me! The first circus kool aid sock is waiting for toe decreases and Trellis is stalled out at the beginning of a sleeve. Disgraceful!

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