Saturday, January 07, 2006

Ruby Tuesday

I've knit one whole round in the last 2 days. Just been busy with the stuff of life...laundry, cleaning, etc. I did manage to dye a skein of Knitpicks dye-your-own fingering weight yarn last night using kool-aid and food coloring. I think it's the ugliest dye job ever but we'll see when it's fully dry and wound. Photos to come.

In family news, Husband, Daughter and I went to Ruby Tuesday for dinner tonight. It was our first time in a restaurant as a family since July. Daughter is now 8.5 months and can sit in wooden restaurant high chairs. She does tire quickly though, when forced to sit that way through a whole meal. We are so lucky that she will maintain a cheerful mood and eat Cheerios while we eat. She also very much enjoys drinking from a straw.

Unfortunately she ripped the spacebar off my laptop and I can't get it back on, so I am typing and pushing the little blue spacebar nub with my thumb. Very annoying!

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