Friday, January 13, 2006

Hey Jealousy

I did approximately zero knitting yesterday due to running errands with a babe and subsequently collapsing with exhaustion at 8:30 pm. So today we will talk more about baby stuff!

Thanks for your great advice about feeding new things to Daughter, internet friends! I can't fully express how much I appreciate your suggestions. My mom is a wonderful resource, but she raised babies in the 70s and 80s using the Dr. Spock book and times have changed a bit. I was fully weaned to whole milk at 9 months, and also ate only table foods at that age. Today I think the medical community would pooh-pooh only whole milk at 9 months, but we shall find out next week.

Last night I decided that a slice of cheese was unlikely to kill Daughter, so I cut a Kraft single into strips and offered it to her. I happen to think American cheese is foul stuff, only good on cheeseburgers, but my little darling disagrees. She inhaled it. I could not give her the strips fast enough. I almost wept with pride as she figured out how to get the end of the smushed cheese strip out of her right hand with the fingers of her left. When she had finished the whole piece there were only about 4 or 5 little scraps on the tray (where she missed her mouth) for me to scrape up. I don't know why stuff like this floors me like it does...the only explanation I can offer is that she is my first baby and I never know what she will be able to do until we try.

Also, I am proud because these are her accomplishments, and because there are things that many other babies her age can do that she cannot (yet). A few minutes ago I received an email from a good friend whose son was born 6 days before my daughter (we missed each other in the hospital by one day!). He was just over 8 lbs at birth, compared to Daughter's 5.5 lbs. In a physical sense he has developed much faster than she has. This email contained a video of her son crawling around and pushing himself up to sit. He is smiling the whole time, showing off his 4 teeth.


Jealousy rears its ugly head! Daughter a) does not crawl, b) cannot push herself into a sitting position, and c) never ever ever ever smiles when a camera is near. I don't care about the teeth because she is still nursing 3x each day and I don't need her to be chomping down on me with anything other than gums, thanks. And she smiles all the time, just not for pictures.

I know, I know, I should not be jealous or worry about Daughter. She is well within normal parameters. And her method of doing new things is to just do them, with no prior warning (note to self - lower crib mattress). This is how she rolled over to her tummy the first time - she just did it, bam, done! We never saw her try any other time and suddenly she could just do it.

Also, this little boy to whom I am constantly comparing Daughter cannot pick up a Cheerio and get it to his mouth. HA! Take that! (So mean, I know. But I am jealous. See above.) Daughter picks up Cheerios, cheese, and fruit, and gets it to her mouth just about every time. She also holds her own sippy cup - in fact, she grabs it from my hand. She waves, and will initiate "so big." She is also mind-bogglingly capable of entertaining herself with toys/clothing/fringe on a blanket/the dog, so I can get a lot done. Overall I think she is a genius and my brain knows that she is developing normally. Is it unusual that I just get pissed off when other babies can do more physical stuff? I don't know.

Morning naptime has ended. I hear singing from the crib. Maybe we will go for a walk today as it's 56 degrees! In January! In Buffalo! Hope you're having nice weather too.


HangerMom said...

You are definitely not strange for harboring some baby jealousy or even for the bragging about how much better your baby eats. That's just life as a mom. But it sounds like you're nicely grounded about your daughter's progress. So I'd say your totally sane.

And no, your doctor will not be okay with fully weaning your child to whole milk at 9 months. Not by a long shot. My friends were surprised my doctor had okayed me to give my daughter ANY whole milk before she was a year old, but I have a very nice, reasonable doctor, thankfully. The fact that we all grew up eating table food at 4 months and on milk at 6 months (maybe slightly exaggerated) is one of the reasons I feel comfortable giving interesting foods and milk to my kids at an early age without worrying about what all the books say. I mean, we're all alive and well, right? Congrats on the cheese eating - you have one more way to entertain your daughter in a restaurant now!

Ruth said...

My Eldest didn't crawl until he was 1, didn't walk until 14 months. He had to be taught to climb at 2 (it simply never occured to him).

Now, at 12, he rides horseback, is on a swim team, and is so physically active that I get tired just watching him.

Which is a very long-winded way of saying that it is completely natural to compare progress, but that Daughter sounds like a perfectly normal, perfectly delightful 9 month old, and the gross motor stuff will come.

Besides, early crawling/walking/running kids are a nightmare. They get into all sorts of danger, because they have no idea that they can be hurt. Their mother's lives are truly over, as they spend all day chasing their offspring around.

So much better to have a thoughtful, sedate baby. Good planning, you. :)

Ann-Marie said...

hey re: the baby thing. with my dd i was told to giver her whole milk at 9mos becuase she was almost walking.
also--i have a super baby food book which says that cottage cheese and whole milk yoghurt is fine by 8mos. cheese--by 9mos is fine.
eggs--i was told egg yolk is fine (hard cooked) but wait on egg whites until after 1 year (due to allergies)
my ds is 9mos today....
g'luck with all the advice