Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Funky cool, or funky weird?

I couldn't help myself...yesterday I cast on for socks using the Knitpicks dye-your-own sock yarn I kool aid-ed to death the other day.

definitely funky...but in a good way?

I basically stuck 1/3 of the hank in a pot of water and kool-aid three times. The greenish color is 3 packets of switchin' secret (my favorite color), the deep red is grape, cherry, black cherry, and a little ice blue raspberry (don't know the proportions, sorry), and the blue is actually 40 drops of McCormick blue food coloring along with a glug of white vinegar in about a quart of water. I did one color at a time and let them simmer gently until the water turned clear. There is a lot of very subtle coloration in the resulting yarn. I think I like it.

we are also patriotic

That's all the news from the Buff. The sun was out almost all day, which did much for my demeanor, but now dusk is a-coming and the forecast calls for rain.


Jenn said...

I like it - can't wait to see it knit up further!

Teresa said...

hey, just read the last three posts.. my kidling is now sitting up enough to sit in the high chairs, and in the seat at shopping carts, but tires easy, too. She also is now in 12 month sizes :) She also gets mistaken for a boy, even if she is in pink... she will be 9 months on Friday.. thought you would like to know