Thursday, January 31, 2008

for sale

Did you see us on the news yesterday? I know the Today show had some video of Buffalo this morning - mega wind and snowstorm, which knocked out our cable modem. No internet for the entire day?!? You might as well say "no oxygen" because I seriously almost died. My husband found me at the end of the day in a withered heap next to my laptop, one finger repeatedly hitting "refresh" in the hope that google would appear.

So this is a slightly belated announcement.

For over 2 years now my good friend Karen and I have been discussing the idea of selling our handmade clothing online. Folks who see what I make for Daughter have been telling me to do this for a long time, and I guess it's finally gone to my head! We've decided to give it a go. Right now there are just a few things listed as we get going and figure it out, but there will be more coming soon. Nothing fancy, mind you, just the well-constructed, hard-wearing garments and accessories we make for our own children. I can personally vouch for the little dresses I am selling, as they are exactly the same as those I dress Daughter in. These jumpers hold up beautifully through wash after wash, wear after wear. They are always Daughter's first choice when she goes to her closet in the morning. I hope some of you out there will be interested in dressing your own wee ones in our creations!

Please visit us at our little shop - bon*bons: handcrafted delights!

(I'm gonna figure out how to link it in my sidebar any day now.)


HangerMom said...

That is terrific! Congratulations on getting it up and running, and good luck with your new little business! I think it's very cool. And that raspberry corduroy jumper with all the little buttons on the bottom hem - adorable!

Karen said...


Congrats on your first sale!!!!

Shari said...

I followed the link from Karen's blog yesterday. Everything is very cute so far but it says that you only ship in the US. Will you guys also ship to Canada?

Ruth said...

And me with a baby girl to buy for. :)