Thursday, January 24, 2008

back in the saddle...ish

Ok, my sewing machine and I have mostly made up (though my serger is still giving me the finger) and I've been able to tackle some projects over the last couple of days. More on these in a few days, but here's a preview:

(Those loose threads are from machine-stitching the buttons. Pulling them through to the back will be my handwork for TV-time this weekend.)

And I've chosen a new sweater for Daughter. It's another Starmore (hey, you can't argue with perfection), but with only 3 charts to follow this time. I'm going to try it using the Joann's Sensations 100% wool I picked up for a song back in the fall.

I really wish I had more to say, but it's been a slow week. Playgroup yesterday, story hour tomorrow, my birthday on Saturday...that's about it. We all have colds. It's freezing and gray and bleak outside, and all the days kind of feel the same. You know how it goes.


Karen said...

Soooo jealous about that apple corduroy. My Joann's didn't get that design in this year and I really wanted some. sob!

Love the heart buttons, too.

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