Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I know I've been absent. It's just I'm really dang grumpy right now and there's nothing much to say. It's freaking freezing cold here and no matter how high I turn the thermostat my family room will not rise above 63 degrees. On the flip side of that the upstairs of my house is a sauna in which I cannot sit for more than 5 minutes without opening a window. So figure that one out.

I tried sewing yesterday but I kept frigging it up, so nothing to show/say about that.

Daughter started both playgroup and story hour last week and I want to publicly thank the parents who brought their sick, hacking, coughing, runny-nosed kids to these activities because now we are sick too. Daughter has a full-on headcold, and I have a sore throat and general run-down feeling. Tomorrow is our day to bring snack to playgroup, so I somehow have to get us both bathed, dressed, bundled up and out the door to the grocery store because wouldn't you know it, I don't even have one unopened package of goldfish crackers or animal crackers or anything that we could bring. As it is already 10:30 a.m. don't ask me how we're going to accomplish all that before lunch and naptime.

See? Grumpy.

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Karen said...

I am sending you bookoo sympathy vibes this morning.

Be sure that you sneeze liberally over whatever you end up taking to playgroup.