Thursday, January 03, 2008

merry christmas to me

I'd intended to share Daughter's Christmas dress today, but whoops, I forgot to grab it out of her closet before naptime. Perhaps tomorrow.

Instead, I'll share what I found under the tree on Christmas morning! I'll set this up by saying two things:

1) I dream of rolling around in huge piles of yarn. My husband thinks that's really weird, but bless his heart, he indulges me.

2) I consider myself to be very "analog" and I fight technology every step of the way. Don't ask me why - I can't explain it. That said, here's what I got for Christmas:

Two sock samplers from Knitpicks (enough yarn in each to make 6 pairs of socks) plus a skein of undyed sock yarn...and an Ipod Nano! (Second generation so no video, according to my husband...this is the first thing everyone has asked me).

I never would have asked for an Ipod...listening to music in a portable way left me behind loooooooong ago. I had a portable CD player once, and I used my regular AM/FM/tape walkman up until just a couple of years ago. Plus I'm mostly home taking care of my kid, so I don't even have that many opportunities to listen to music that isn't Raffi or Sesame Street or whatever. Since I am kind of technologically backward, it has taken me many days to figure out how the thing works. Which is sad, since I am approximately the very last person in America to get one (I am well aware that there are 5 year-olds bopping around listening to their Hannah Montana tunes on an Ipod). Seriously, even my mom had one before I did (but she doesn't know how to use it at all, so I don't think that counts). So it is very cool of my husband to goose me into using modern technology, and I'm reluctantly coming around. I think I like it.

If you need me, I'll be knitting socks galore and listening to some mid-90s alternative.


Karen said...

Rock out to Evenflow for me while busting out some socks and sweaters. I love me some good Pearl Jam.

Can't wait to see the Christmas dress.

Pam said...

You may be the last one to get an ipod but I'll bet you'll be the first one to have a hand-knitted ipod cozi:)

Pearl Jam - now that's some good knittin' music.