Tuesday, January 29, 2008

a little confession

Is it just us, or do your children behave differently for you and your spouse? We have a bit of the "sweet for Daddy, holy terror for Mommy" going on here sometimes. Usually, probably because Daddy is around less and not the primary enforcer of rules, Daughter is generally more well-behaved for him.

But! Today I had an appointment and they both came with me, but when we found out I'd have to wait an extra 20-30 minutes for an additional test, I sent Hubs out with Daughter to get something to eat. She'd been angelic in the waiting room, so she earned herself a trip to Tim Horton's for a muffin and a milk. Off they went.

45 minutes later I walked out of the office to the car to find Daughter in her carseat with no jacket on and Hubs sitting there looking...let's say 'perturbed.'

Turns out all had gone well with the eating of the muffin and the drinking of the milk, and Daughter had even entertained all the old folks drinking coffee by dancing around to the overhead music, but when Hubs said it was time to put her coat on and go get Mommy, she began a series of high-pitched screams that just about broke the windows of the donut shop. This is Hubs' worst nightmare, so I can only imagine the scene as he threw her under one arm, grabbed her coat with the other, and removed her from the establishment (still screeching).

When I heard this story I gave Daughter what-for and told her there would be no videos or treats for the rest of the day, blah blah blah. But inside? Inside I was thinking, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"


Ruth said...

It's sort of sick how sweet those moments are, isn't it? We have had a similar dynamic here; B is the "fun" guy and I'm .... well, I'm around all the time, so I'm the Enforcer. I don't think B ever saw Young'un throw a tantrum. Granted, he never really had all that many, but still. It would have been nice to have had at least one of his fits directed at someone else.

Karen said...

Yep. A very unhealthy but gratifying experience to witness.

Morning Glory said...

Ohhhh yeah! Priceless moment!

HangerMom said...

LOL! Perfect. I swear when I'm home the girls come down at least once a night requesting help pottying or telling me of bad dreams. And of course they always wake ME. Then I go out of town and for three nights straight, Nathaniel gets not one visit from them. So on the rare occasion things even for a moment... it's gratifying, to say the least.