Wednesday, February 06, 2008


The crushing weight of these cold, dark, gray, dreary days has effectively broken my spirit. I must say - again - I don't know if I can bear to live here for the rest of my life. Anyone who has visited and/or lived in Western New York knows we have a lot of really beautiful weather from, say, May through September. But the rest? Ay-yi-yi. It's bleak. I needs me some vitamin D.

Here's a question: what does it say about my skills as a mother when my kid is currently amassing every single toy in the current McD's happy meal set? We've got 3 FurReal Friends so far. And that's after I railed against crap food in this very space. Shameful. At least we ran into another mom/kid from playgroup so I don't feel too badly about it. I do feel kind of guilty about eating a double cheeseburger when literally every other person in the place was eating a filet-o-fish sandwich. It is Ash Wednesday and I'm a horrible, horrible Catholic. Although, hang on, does McD's really count as "meat?" Eew.

Between playgroup and McD's we stopped at Joann Fabrics. I needed sewing machine needles, so we got those, and then we wandered the aisles of fabric. The only teeny spark of inspiration I experienced was when I saw that Joann's is finally carrying some sweet print knits...not the thermal ones (don't like those) but the nice, soft 100% cotton interlock. I didn't buy any, though. Sheesh, you know you're down when wandering Joann's does nothing for you. All we bought was the needles and a bag of (overpriced) m&m's for Daughter, who stayed dry all night and asked to go potty at playgroup before doing a dribble first. (It's been a battle to get her to inform us.)

Guess I'll go clear the dirty dishes from the sink. Then stare into the freezer waiting for dinner to jump out at me. Then switch loads of laundry.

Oh, the monotony.


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I think you need a vacation. Book a ticket to Small Town and I'll show you a good time. :)

And, um, I bought some of those cute new knits today.