Monday, January 28, 2008


Just what I needed, something else to be hooked on. No, I'm not talking about a craft or a project. I'm talking about Jericho.

Have you seen this show? It is freaking awesome. Hubs got the whole first season and I was reluctant to didn't interest me when it premiered in 2006 and I wasn't into it now. A series about a town surviving a nuclear blast? Bleh. I don't know why, but that didn't do it for me. However, Hubs wanted to watch it and when he put on the first episode I was simply too lazy to get up off the couch and go do something else.

We watched the entire first season (22 episodes) in 3 nights. This is riveting television, people. Somewhat far-fetched in some ways, for which it gets blasted on various message boards, but it's television and it's entertainment. If "24" can get away with it for 6 seasons (or however many there are now) then Jericho should certainly get a chance.

The gist is sort of this: small town in Kansas witnesses but survives a nuclear blast. There are many of these blasts all over the country. No communications, no power, limited resources. It brings out the best and the worst in people, and we watch as the story broadens from one family to the entire USA. The viewer is kept in the dark a lot, along with the characters, so you actually care what is going to happen.

This show was cancelled at the end of spring '07, but a massive write-in campaign convinced CBS to order 7 additional episodes to wrap up the storyline. The first 3 were leaked so we've seen them and I can't figure out how on earth they're going to wrap it up in just 4 more. Luckily they were all completed before the writers strike, so at least we'll get to see them, starting next month.

I really have to recommend the show. With what looks like only 29 total episodes, it's not a huge commitment, and the storyline is deep and very interesting. Much better than the 'reality' schlock most channels are showing these days. Check it out.

If for no other reason, watch it for the scene where Skeet Ulrich gets out of the shower. Gratuitous? Oh yes. But you won't hear me complaining. If a wet, half-naked Skeet Ulrich doesn't get your motor running, I'm sorry, but you are dead inside. He's hawt. ROWR.

(Thanks to everyone who commented about preschool. More on that in the future, I am sure.)

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