Monday, October 22, 2007

prepping for the baby boom

I have been shopping here and there, picking up the last of Daughter's winter necessities. Today was boots, because even though it is a very unseasonable and record-breaking 76 degrees outside, this is Buffalo and it could snow any minute. Last year I bought her boots at WalMart because they were actually some of the nicer boots I saw for the money I was willing to pay. We went back today and we got exactly the same ones, but of course in a bigger size and this time we got pink instead of purple. Awesome, done with that chore!

Anyway, I always peruse the craft section at WalMart because there are hidden treasures to be found. Today it was super clearance baby yarn.

What we got today is on the right. Eight skeins of cream "Bernat Baby" and one skein of baby blue (that was all they had). These were marked $1.50, but I have learned to check that with one of those self-scanner things. Guess what? They were really $1.00 each. A BUCK! I think this yarn is what used to be called "Bernat Lollipop" and it must not be selling or something, because WalMart is unloading their stock. So I grabbed all the cream ones because cream is unisex and I have eleventy-billion vintage baby patterns that call for fingering weight yarn. Yes, it is 100% acrylic, but let me tell you my feelings on baby knits: first of all, acrylic can go in the washer and dryer and it comes out just fine. Secondly, I have been a new mom, and I have experienced the "holy crap, where did I leave [insert lost object here]" phenomenon, and how much worse would you feel losing a baby knit that cost $50 to make than one costing $8 or so? And finally, acrylic is actually really, really soft and nice against baby skin. So I use it.

On the left in the above photo is another clearance score, this time from Joann Fabrics. I was meandering around there during some very precious and rare free time (mom had Daughter, thank you mom!), and saw a huge bin of "Sensations Bellezza Collection Tesoro" yarn marked $1.57 per ball. This stuff is worsted weight 100% wool and buttery soft. It originally sold for $5 per ball and I would use my coupons to buy one or two balls at a time to make baby hats for Daughter. It is some of the softest yarn I have ever experienced, and a well-kept secret as I never really see anyone blogging about projects knitted with it. I scooped up every off-white ball I could find and came away with 11. I giggle with glee when I think of this yarn - enough for a large, heavily cabled sweater for Daughter - stashed in my craft cupboard.

Why all these baby yarn purchases? Check this out:

My hairdresser, who is the daughter of my former boss at the sewing store, is getting married in February and whoops! She just discovered she is pregnant. Of course I must make her something.

Hubs' close friend from high school is planning to marry his longtime girlfriend sometime next Spring, and the girlfriend told me last night that she hopes to have a baby by Christmas '08.

Hubs' brother, who just got married 2 weeks ago, just informed us that they will be trying to get pregnant within a year.

My sister just got engaged on Saturday, will be getting married next Summer, and as she is 29 and her fiance is 36, they will not be waiting terribly long to start their family.

And finally, Hubs and I are - gulp - trying again. For us, that typically means 'quit using birth control and ponder for half a second having another baby...WHAM! Pregnant!' So stay tuned on that one, friends.

So yeah, a veritable baby boom over the next few years! And if I do conceive, I am anticipating morning sickness (aka all-day sickness), so that cuts out several months of quality knitting time. And once another baby comes, there goes the rest of my time, like, forever and ever. So I better bust a move on these baby knits while I can!


omly said...

How exciting! It does sort of seem like everyone is having babies at the moment. I am thinking of knitting up a bunch of baby items to have on hand myself for whenever someone announces a new pregnancy.

Pam said...

Oh man, if we were neighbors I would bring you a celebratory vente extra hot pumpkin spice latte!

My husband and I used to laugh because seriously, all he had to do was look at me too long and I was pregnant.

Jenn said...

Yay for trying again! Sending fertile thoughts your way! :)

Karen said...

I second all those YAY's!!! Here's to a quick conception and a textbook pregnancy! (this is where you, Pam, and I cheers our pumpkin spice lattes and kick up our KateKnit socks on the coffee table while Daughter, Spicey, and Pam's Littlest play.)

But back to yarn . . . are you going to dye any of those or keep them all cream?

Ruth said...

Oh, I am so happy to hear this!! Fingers crossed ....